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Tellington TTouch offers bodywork, tools and ground exercises that help dogs become more balanced and teachable. Learn More

Every dog deserves clear, consistent information. We help people discover their own ability to shift their perspective on communicating with their dog. Learn More

Our dogs value a good massage as much as we do. They would love to accompany you to this workshop. Learn More

Get certification in pet CPR and First Aid with this interactive curriculum that makes use of lecture, discussion and practicing of skills with stuffed dogs. Learn More

The 4-hour certification program includes everything taught in the Pet Saver class – minus the Senior Pet-izen and Dental Care portions. Learn More

These unique classes encourage your dog’s confidence and attention while introducing them to modified dog agility obstacles. Learn More

Become a healthier you! Remember to take care of yourself so you can be there for your dog. Learn More

Latest News from Paws in Harmony

Pet CPR/First Aid Class

Pet CPR/First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet who is injured or ill.  Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid [...]

Massage Me Too!

Massage therapy is beneficial for the canine athlete, moderate excercise companion or couch lounger. Learn about the circulatory, muscular and conditioning advantages your dog can [...]

Dog Training

Paws In Harmony offers a special blend of training that incorporates force free, reward based information to help you build on every small success. Our [...]

Get In TTouch With Your Dog!

Tellington TTouch is a unique approach to training and healthcare developed by internationally known animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones.  Based on compassion and respect for our [...]