Who We Are & What We Do

Paws In Harmony, LLC is devoted to the supportive care our cherished animal companions require to have healthy balanced lives with us. We ask so much of them that it is our mission to offer various modalities and constantly persue information and education that will benefit the well being of our animals and the bond we maintain with them.

How It All Began

Paws In Harmony, LLC is the dream come true of owner, Laurie Sue Bakay. As a child Laurie was always caring for a pack of stuffed animals. Her favorite puppy was actually a small stuffed bear. As a young woman she added a couple of wonderful cats to her life, Alexis Zeanella and Napolean Norwich Hall.

In 1998 she, and husband Jay, went shopping for a lamp and returned home with the light of their lives, a six month old cocker spaniel, who they named Astor The Astordog. It was Astor’s special needs that brought Laurie’s attention to a more natural, holistic philosophy of health care and all the peripheral aspects of support that balance out his well being. In July 2006 Laurie and Astor attained the AKC Master Agility Champion title. Having appreciated his physical and behavioral improvement Laurie was inspired to seek the appropriate training that would make it possible for her to be available to help other people with their pets.

Laurie Sue Bakay’s Certification

Laurie is a Guild Certified Tellington TTouch Practioner and mentor, Reiki Master, Certified Pet Tech Instructor, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Animal Behavior College Graduate. She has volunteered time at her local animal shelter and is always available to enjoy sharing her experiences and learning from those of others. In addition to two other extraordinary cockers, Tina and Jenny, Laurie and Jay own eleven alpacas. Crystal Glen Alpacas is another outlet for the wonderful care Laurie demonstrates.

Beyond Paws in Harmony

In other than animal life Laurie and Jay have appreciated such great results from so many of the Market America products that they are proud distributors through their portal, www.OnlineNowShop.com, where customers can also recieve CashBack from a huge number of major retailers by shopping through the portal and inviting others to do the same. Anyone with a positive entrepeneurial spirit will be attracted to the unique business model that Laurie and Jay are happy to share and lead others in.

Laurie Sue Bakay, Owner

Astor the Astordog, the dog who started it all