Very early in the morning of Nov 20, 2015, Astor The Astordog slipped on to his next event. He was right next to me so I know it was peaceful. His needs inspired me to pursue Tellington TTouch way back in 2006. I was a first time dog mom and so clueless. TT taught me to meet him where he was, accept his perfection, observe his stress and gave me tools to help both of us be in better balance. It improved our lives so much that it is at the heart of Paws In Harmony and seriously influenced our move from NJ to NC. Astor had an amazing life thanks to what TT taught us as well as all the wonderful, amazing, like minded people and other dogs we met along the way. Hurrah for his transition and monster big heart hug to all that helped him and me. This is a shift in energy and I feel driven to keep letting all know how important TT is. Blessings