Pet CPR/First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet who is injured or ill.  Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

The Pet CPR/First Aid Class is perfect for pet owners and Pet Care Professionals.  The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands on skill practice.  Students are given a handbook, individual handouts and upon successful completion each participant will recieve a certificate.

This class covers CPR, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Bleeding Protocols, Injury Assessment, Wellness Assessment, Heat and Cold Injuries,  Bites and Stings, and more.

Laurie Sue Bakay is a certified Pet Tech instructor.  Pet Tech is the first international training center dedicated to pet CPR, first aid and care. Thom Somes founded Pet Tech based on his drive toward “Improving the quality of pets’ lives, one pet owner at a time”.

Check the schedule for the next class. We are also happy to present a class at your location. Please contact us for details on hosting a Pet Saver class.



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